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The Ultimate Gift (The Ultimate Series #1)

The Ultimate Gift (The Ultimate Series #1) - Jim Stovall, Elise Peterson The Ultimate Gift is one of my favorite movies. I did not know that it was a book until very recently, and then picked it up at a library book sale. It is a ridiculously fast read (very large print, short chapters, simply written) but carries the best message about the point of life.The twelve gifts are gifts that everyone should attempt to discover in their lives.There were a lot of changes from book to movie but I believe that the message was kept intact, which is what truly matters. They needed to make the plot more continuous in the movie (in the book, Jason simply shows up at the end of every month to report and then the next day to get his next challenge) and so they took the liberty of filling in some of the plot, but I love how they did it. They kept the spirit of the book alive which is the spirit of life and how to truly live yours to the fullest.Everyone should read this book. Everyone.